Did you know that in 1909 the average American ate less than 4 pounds of cheese per year? Today it has moved up to 33 pounds per year. The United States government accepts about $140 million from the cheese industry, which they send back into Dairy Management Inc. (a corporation overseen by the USDA whose purpose is to market dairy products). DMI spends the rolled over money on advertising and marketing more and more cheesy foods, such as the Ultimate cheese pizza –which featured a whole pound of cheese. Approximately 70% of the calories in cheese come from animal fat. To put it in perspective, a serving of cheddar contains as much fat as 8 slices of bacon.

Researchers have found that cheese is produced with extra hormones that can cause a variety of adverse health effects such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, digestion problems and acne. Additionally, dairy consumption has been linked to a variety of hormone-related cancers including breast and prostate. Cheese has also been found to contain casomorphins, chemicals, which like opiates, attach to the pleasure centers of the brain. This fuels your desire to have cheese. You can sub out new products on the market or use safer plant/nut based recipes to replace cheese cravings.

For more information on cheese pick up The Cheese Trap by: Neal Barnard, M.D., and find some great non-cheese based recipes at www.HealthyFactsInc.com under the Recipe Index (scroll on Home Tab).